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Assembly of a rotary cement kiln

Assembly of a rotary cement kiln DRO 3.800, LAFARGE cement plant Wössingen
Period of assembly: August 2008 until February 2009
Contractor LAFARGE Zement GmbH, Karsdorf

Wechsel Schleusentor Bamberg

Flood gate exchange Bamberg

By the long lasting employment during assembly of equipment in varying domains, our technical staff comes with secured know-how at repairs and reconstruction of machinery and systems, e.g. at steel-water-works.

Zementofen Zahnkranzwechsel

Cement kiln gear rim replacement

Replacement of the gear rim course with gear rim and pinion shaft at rotary kiln no. 3       
Client:                       LAFARGE Zement Karsdorf GmbH
Construction site:  Cement mill Karsdorf
Assembly time:      18.01.2010 - 10.02.2010

Montage Feuerverzinkungsanlage

Installation of a new galvanizing plant in Linz, Austria 2007

Installation of the galvanizing plant FVZ4 in the factory of VA Stahl in Linz, Austria
Period of assembly: May 2006 until January 2007, including commissioning

Demontage Laufringschuss DEUNA

Dismantling of an oven-race-section DEUNA

Replacement race-section with race in rotary kiln 1, station 2       
Client:                                  DYCKERHOFF Deuna Zement GmbH
Construction site:              Cement mill Deuna
Period of Assembly:         25.01.2010 - 17.02.2010

Montage Wehrwalze

Assembly of a weir barrel

WSM replaced the weir barrel in Wieblingen in the year 2008.

Montage Konverter

Installation of a steel converter

In the plant Salzgitter of the client Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH
Period of assembly: January 2007 until March 2007
Plant shutdown 21 days for container replacement
Contractor SMS DEMAG

Zementmuehle Stirnwandwechsel

Cement mill bulk head exchange

Replacement of the bulk-head in cement mill ZM8 and rotating of the gear rim
Construction site:       Werk Mannersdorf, Österreich.
Client:                           LAFARGE Perlmooser GmbH
Period of Assembly:  January 2010 - February 2010

Zementofenmontage DEUNA

Repair of a cement kiln DEUNA

Assembly of a cement rotary kiln DRO 3.800
Construction site:  Werk LAFARGE Zementwerk Wössingen
Assembly time:       August 2008 - Februar 2009
Client:                       LAFARGE Zement GmbH, Karsdorf